Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund(2020年10月)に選出していただき、委託プロジェクトとして「いい夫婦の日」のビジュアル作成を担当しました。以下、プロジェクト概要やメイキングについてのご説明は、英文のみとなります。
Translated by 鴻 奈緒 - Hashibiro Nao -
I was selected as a member of Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund 2020 Oct. I am grateful to be given this valuable opportunity. They ordered me the "Good Couple Day" visual design in this project. I created it by Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator.

ラフ作成には Adobe Fresco, 着彩から完成時までは Adobe Illustrator を使用しました。 / I used Adobe Fresco to create the rough sketch, and Adobe Illustrator from coloring to final work.

About "Good Couple Day" 
November 22nd is called "Good Couple Day" in Japan, because "Good Couple" sounds similar to "11/22" in Japanese. It is said that married couples spend precious time together on the day. There are some people register their marriage on this day for good luck. I wish all of you spend wonderful time on the "Good Couple Day".
Making Process
■ Make a rough design by Fresco, a proposal :
This time we have decided to go with plan B that expresses various shapes of married couples.

rough designs

■ Fix the rough design :
In the first design I just drew every couples facing front, but finally I redesigned it to more express each couples' relationships in daily life.

Fix the rough design

■ Color it  by Illustrator / Complete! :
I colored it with some miner revision.


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