Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund(2020年10月)に選出していただき、委託プロジェクトとして「いい夫婦の日」のビジュアル作成を担当しました。

ラフ作成には Adobe Fresco, 着彩〜完成時は Adobe Illustrator を使用しました。

Translated by 鴻 奈緒 - Hashibiro Nao -
I was selected as a member of Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund 2020 Oct.
I am grateful to be given this valuable opportunity.
They ordered me the "Good Couple Day" visual design in this project.
I created it by Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator.
About "Good Couple Day" 
November 22nd is called "Good Couple Day" in Japan, because "Good Couple" sounds similar to "11/22" in Japanese.
It is said that married couples spend precious time together on the day.
There are some people register their marriage on this day for good 
Making Process
Make a rough design by Fresco, a proposal;
This time we have decided to go with plan B that expresses various shapes of married couples.

rough designs

Fix the rough design;
In the first design I just drew every couples facing front, but finally I redesigned it to more express each couples' relationships in daily life.

Fix the rough design

Color it  by Illustrator / Complete! ;
I colored it with some miner revision.


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