ANIMAL アニマル 2021年度版( P.101 ) に掲載されています。132名の作家が描く、「動物」をテーマにしたイラスト集です。
My illustration has been published in ANIMAL, 2021 edition (p.101). It is a collection of illustrations on the theme of "animals" drawn by 132 artists. In the COVID-19 calamity, I'm sure that everyone is going through a variety of feelings. Although the situation is difficult, I drew these illustrations with the hope that people will be able to walk forward without losing hope. The color scheme is designed so that people with different color vision will not have a different impression.

ANIMAL2021  uni ( P.101 )

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ANIMAL アニマル 2021年度版 ( 税込 1,430円 )
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